Composer & Lyricist

Hannah Ost is a composer, lyricist and storyteller. Her work centers on historical events, bringing to light untold stories of marginalised communities across time, with a particular focus on women, the LGBTQ+ community, and young people.

From the lesbian love affair between an aristocrat and one of the most famous female authors of our time (Yours Ever,V), to the 13-year old girl who saved Britain from Nazi invasion (Hazel Hill and the Spitfire That Saved the World), Hannah uses music to bring our forgotten history back to life.

Hannah's journey as a creative artist began at a young age, with her passion for storytelling evolving over time to encompass various genres and mediums. From writing her first song at age 11, to releasing a folk EP at 18, to composing a parody Tony Awards number for Broadway Cares during the pandemic, her portfolio is as diverse as the stories she tells.

Alongside her compositions, Hannah's work as a singing teacher and musical director has taken her across the world, from singing students in France and Germany, to coaching young performers at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, in New York, USA. As a music assistant, Hannah aided Andrew Lippa during the 2018 production of his musical A Little Princess at the Royal Festival Hall. As a choral conductor, she led the University of Kent Chamber Choir at Canterbury Cathedral through multiple concerts and services. A project Hannah is particularly proud of is her work with a group of self-defined "non-singers", who ranged from people who had never sung and believed they were tone-deaf, to those who had only sung in the shower. The Pitch Project was an experiment which gave these singers 12 weekly sessions with Hannah, after which they successfully performed in SATB for an audience.

Hannah's ultimate goal as a composer and lyricist is to amplify the voices of those who have been overlooked in history. Through music, lyrics and teaching, she aims to not only entertain but also inspire empathy, understanding, and connection among her audience. To read more about her work, be sure to explore her current projects or click the links through this page.