I'm Hannah. I'm a singing teacher (and sometimes an English teacher!) from Kent, in the UK.

As a freelance teacher, composer and all-round entertainer, I often describe myself as a zany creative, who's always up for a chat. I love to travel, learn new things, and connect with people in the world around me. But for a more well-rounded idea of who I am, I asked my friends and students to give one word to describe me.

Here's what they came up with:

My Story

I have always loved music. My whole family is musical – car journeys were like the four-person version of the Von Trapp family singers. I wrote my first song when I was 11 and never looked back. Now, with an EP of original music, a brand new musical in the works and a Carole King obsession, composing has become a firm part of my life.

Flashforward to my vocal coaching career, which began aged 17, at RARE Productions. I trained on the job, becoming the youngest musical director in the company's history. Now, I have six years of vocal tuition under my belt, having worked at prestigious venues in the UK (Royal Festival Hall, Marlowe Theatre) and in the US (French Woods Festival, New York). I've also got a lifetime of experience in music and am always working on new projects and meeting new people. I also created my own children's show, on YouTube and IGTV, which combines singing techniques I use with my students, and mindfulness exercises I use as an adult. It's a quarantine project I truly loved making in 2020.

I'm still growing and creating every day. I look to the future, fuelled with a zest for life and a passion for making kids smile.

For my full resume, including awards and accreditations, visit my LinkedIn page.

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